The Ethics of Advanced AI Assistants (2024)

Author(s): Iason Gabriel, Arianna Manzini, Geoff Keeling, Lisa Anne Hendricks et al
Journal: arXiv

Using the Veil of Ignorance to align AI systems with principles of justice (2023)

Author(s): Laura Weidinger, Kevin R McKee, Richard Everett, Saffron Huang et al
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Toward a Theory of Justice for Artificial Intelligence (2022)

Author(s): Iason Gabriel
Journal: Daedalus 151 (2), 218-231

Artificial Intelligence and Moral Philosophy (2022)

Author(s): Matt Clifford
Host: Thoughts in Between

Foundational Philosophical Questions in Value Alignment (2020)

Author(s): Lucas Perry
Host: Podcast – The Future of Life Institute

Artificial Intelligence, Values, and Alignment (2020)

Author(s): I Gabriel
Journal: Minds and machines 30 (3), 411-437

Google finds AI agents pose fresh ethical challenges (2024)

Author(s): Alison Snyder
Host: Axios

The ethics of advanced AI assistants (2024)

Author(s): Iason Gabriel
Host: Schwartz Reisman Institute

Holistic Safety and Responsibility Evaluations of Advanced AI Models (2024)

Author(s): Laura Weidinger, Joslyn Barnhart, Jenny Brennan et al
Journal: arXiv

STELA: a community-centred approach to norm elicitation for AI alignment (2024)

Author(s): Stevie Bergman, Nahema Marchal, John Mellor, Shakir Mohamed et al
Journal: Scientific Reports

Sociotechnical Safety Evaluation of Generative AI Systems (2024)

Author(s): Laura Weidinger, Maribeth Rauh, Nahema Marchal, Arianna Manzini et al
Journal: arXiv

Representation in AI Evaluations (2023)

Author(s): A Stevie Bergman, Lisa Anne Hendricks, Maribeth Rauh, Boxi Wu et al
Journal: Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency

Model evaluation for extreme risks (2023)

Author(s): Toby Shevlane, Sebastian Farquhar, Ben Garfinkel, Mary Phuong et al
Journal: arXiv

In Conversation with Artificial Intelligence: Aligning Language Models with Human Values (2023)

Author(s): A Kasirzadeh, I Gabriel
Journal: Philosophy & Technology

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