A Human Rights-Based Approach to Responsible AI


V Prabhakaran, M Mitchell, T Gebru, I Gabriel

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ACM EAAMO poster


This paper explores the relationship between artificial intelligence and human rights, defending the value of a human rights-based approach in three different contexts.

First, human rights can serve as a focal point for inter-cultural AI value alignment, functioning as part of an ‘overlapping consensus’ between different global value systems.

Second, human rights, and their supporting legal instruments, can help determine who is responsible for what in the context of AI ethics, mapping out the duties of different actors including states and technology companies.

Third, human rights can serve as a lingua franca that helps bridge the divide between the technical AI research community and civil society and activists on the ground. To illustrate how these claims work in practice, the paper focuses on three specific human rights: freedom from discrimination, health, and access to science.

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